Canada’s Best Value Food Safety Training Courses

Canadian Food Safety and SafeCheck® training courses provide food service workers with the resources and skills they need to successfully maintain food safety and prevent food contamination and foodborne illness in the workplace.

Our training courses have helped elevate food safety for various food service businesses across Canada. In addition to our in-person courses, we offer online courses that can be completed through most devices, including laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

If you’re ready to improve food safety in your workplace, register for one of our food safety courses.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of food safety best practices and principles through our food handler training course and certification exam.

Under the food premises regulation, Food Handler Certifications are legally required for many food service workers. Our food handler certification course is designed to teach food service workers about a variety of topics related to safe food handling. These topics include employee and visitor hygiene, inspections, food hazards, Canadian food safety laws, sanitation, and more. This SafeCheck® food handler certification course is equivalent to all Provincial Food Handlers Certification and FoodSafe Level 1 courses.

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Provide your employees with proper work safety training while saving money on course costs. Our food handler certification training for businesses comes with 50 credits, allowing up to 50 employees to gain quality knowledge on handling food for public consumption. Participants will receive the same resources and food work safety information as the individual food handler certification course at a cheaper cost to businesses.

HACCP manager inspecting food

Enhance food safety measures and reduce food safety hazards by mastering the fundamental principles of HACCP. This HACCP certification course is specifically designed to help students effectively participate in the organization, development, implementation, and management of a successful HACCP food safety plan. Students will gain valuable insight into the five preliminary steps of a HACCP system, the importance of an International Food Code, document control, signing authorities, work delegation, and more. This course meets both national and international HACCP standards.

Masked food delivery driver inside car

Improve food delivery driver safety by learning about workplace hazards specific to food delivery driving.

Our food delivery driver safety training course helps food delivery drivers gain insight into potential workplace risks and hazards, driver hygiene, customer service, driver behaviour, and more. This comprehensive course effectively prepares participants for the food delivery driver safety certification exam.

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Learn about food allergens, avoiding cross-contamination, and safe food preparation and handling in the workplace.

Our food allergen awareness training course provides students with quality resources and knowledge about food allergens. This course covers important food safety topics related to food allergies, including food intolerances, cross-contamination, food sensitivities, labelling requirements, allergen management, and more.

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Provide comprehensive food allergen training to food service professionals in the retail, catering, or restaurant industries.

Our food allergen certification course provides food service workers with the necessary information on preventing food allergen reactions and cross-contamination when serving, storing, and preparing food.

Four children eating school lunch

Food Allergen Certification for Schools & Childcare Facilities

Gain quality knowledge on preventing allergic reactions in childcare facilities and schools.

Our food allergen certification course provides childcare and school staff with important information on food allergens and preventing cross-contamination when preparing and handling food. This course and exam can be completed in as few as 1.5 hours.

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Learn about food allergens and how to prevent allergic reactions when handling and processing food in your facility.

Our food allergen certification course provides food processing workers with quality information and resources on food allergens and how to prevent cross-contamination when storing and processing food.

Why Choose Canadian Food Safety Training Courses?

At Canadian Food Safety, we help food service professionals gain essential food safety knowledge. Our training courses are recognized and accepted as industry standards by establishments in all Canadian provinces and territories. Each course effectively prepares learners for the certification exam and helps food service professionals retain necessary food safety information to use in the workplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Food safety is practicing safe food preparation, handling, and storage to protect customers from numerous health risks. It’s vital for food service workers to be Canadian Food Safety Group certified to eliminate the risk of food allergens, foodborne illnesses, and other health illnesses.

The four food safety principles are clean, separate, cook, and chill. Register for our food safety training courses to learn more about these steps and how to prevent foodborne illnesses and poisoning in your food service establishment.

Food safety certified means that you or your employee have proper food safety training and qualifications. It’s essential for food service workers to be food safety certified to help food establishments follow the strong foundation of food safety skills that meet accepted food safety standards.

The best way to get certified in food safety is by completing one of our food safety courses. Once you’ve completed your food safety training course, you will be required to pass the final exam with a mark of 70% or higher. After successfully passing the exam, you will become food safety certified! Don’t worry — we also offer unlimited exam attempts!

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The SafeCheck® Advanced Canadian Food Safety training certificate is valid for five years from the original course issue date.