Canada’s Best Value Food Safety Training for Business

At Canadian Food Safety, we proudly offer corporate pricing models that can help you save your company thousands of dollars on food safety certification courses, like the food handler certification course.

When registering for a Canadian Food Safety corporate account, you will have a branded account in our learning management system where you can:

  • Enroll employees in food safety certification courses
  • Monitor course progress and exam completion
  • Access online courses and certificates
  • Get automatic email reminders for learners
  • Run comprehensive reports

With a Canadian Food Safety corporate account, you can provide your food handlers a chance to deepen their knowledge of food safety standards and learn how to develop a comprehensive food safety plan. They will also be able to enroll in courses that cover other crucial aspects of food safety, enhancing overall understanding and application of food safety standards.

Canadian Food Safety is a recognized provider of quality online and in-person food handler training courses. All our food safety courses are approved Canada-wide and accepted by health departments in every province.

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Invest in food safety certification today and give your staff all the knowledge and resources they need to engage in safe food handling procedures, purchasing, preparing, storing, and serving food. When restaurant or facility employees have proper food safety training, they learn how to eliminate the chance of foodborne illness, food poisoning, and overall health risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Canadian Food Safety, we offer various food safety certifications for businesses. A good starting point is our food handler certificate course. This course educates food service workers on the most important elements of food safety. It provides comprehensive food safety training to help prevent foodborne illness and maintain safe practices in your food service establishment. We also offer various other food safety courses to help ensure your food safety workers can learn all the necessary skills to keep the public safe. See our full list of courses here.

The platform allows you to run reports on employee course enrollment based on your unique needs and view the progress of learners in any of your courses. There are different options to filter results by different factors such as user name, group, course type, and due dates.

With our online courses, employees can access the courses as and when needed, including outside normal working hours. Generally, there is a timeframe between 30 and 90 days by which the course should be completed once the food worker has been registered.

Yes, we offer various options for group discounts, including a 25-pack and 50-pack food handler certification bundle. These food handler certification packs have credits allowing you to enroll multiple learners. You can easily manage your staff’s enrollment in the courses in your own branded account in our learning management system. We’d be happy to discuss your food safety training needs so contact us to learn more.

Yes, the corporate management account is free with group purchases.

There is no charge to set up your account. You can start today and enroll students in minutes with our easy-to-use learning management system.

No, the credits in our food handler certification course bundles never expire. You can allocate credits for new hires, guaranteeing that your future staff members are adequately trained in food safety.