Canada’s Best Value Food Safety Certification Program

Canadian Food Safety Group is proud to offer our corporate pricing models that seek to save companies thousands of dollars on their food safety certification courses, while providing outstanding value.  This is a great opportunity for food service establishments to reinforce employee understanding of food safety standards with Canada’s top food safety course provider. 

Through registration in a Canadian Food Safety Group corporate account, food business owners are able to enroll employees, monitor their progress and exam completion, access their certificates and run reports all within their own branded account in our learning management system.

Register Now for a Corporate Account 

Invest in your food safety plan today and give your staff all the knowledge and resources they need to engage in safe food handling, processing, purchasing, preparing, storing, and serving at your restaurant or facility. For details on how you can register for a corporate or group account and provide your team with improved food safety knowledge while saving money on training and administration, please fill out this form.