“The food safety course was an excellent intensive session that provided me with all of the information I needed to move forward and operate with the highest sanitary standards possible. The teachers were efficient and effective at teaching and made the class time enjoyable.”

“I found the Canadian Food Safety Group’s 1 day Food Safety Certification Course in Food Sanitation & Hygiene to be clear and concise. It included everything from food storage and preparation hazards to the cleanliness of the kitchen, to education of staff and more. I found the course to be very thorough. It included good resources and I recommend it to both new and experienced staff working in food service.”
“I would like to take you a minute to let you know how useful was the Food Safety Course, that me and my Group of Managers took with your firm. I lived a really good time, learning and sharing with the rest of the group all the knowledge that we learned in that course. The fact to be a one day course, helped our organization to could cover all our logistic. We appreciate all your support about it.”
“My staff all said it was very informative & helpful and love the fact that it was only 1 day long instead of 2. Speaking from an operations standpoint, this was also a great help as it saves us a days labour. One of our staff that went was a new Kitchen Manager we had, and he said he learned quite a few things he didn’t know before and implemented them immediately which of course helps us in our overall operations.”
“A very informative and pain free course. The interactive and group discussion made it easier to follow along and take in information. The “real” cases and examples of food safety violations discussed made it more interesting and relevant. I would recommend this course to any future and potential staff at our bakery.”
“We have been very satisfied with the content and quality of the Food Safety Certification Course provided by the Canadian Food Safety Group. The instructors were well informed and good presenters. We were particularly appreciative of the fact that our employees could receive this certification in a one day course. We would have no hesitation in recommending you use the Canadian Food Safety Group to provide their 1 day Food Safety Certification course in Food Sanitation & Hygiene to your employees.”
“To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to provide feedback pertaining to Canadian Food Safety Group’s 1- day Food Safety Certification Course in Food Sanitation & Hygiene (AB FoodSafe-Section 31). A member of our kitchen staff and front end staff attended this 1-day course and found it to be a memorable and informative experience. The course offered in-depth knowledge of the principles of food safety and hygiene at the retail level and in turn, provided our staff members with a well rounded perspective of the importance of these criteria in the food and hospitality industry.”

“I recently attended a Canadian Food Safety Group course. As a Manager of a fast food restaurant I was required to get my food safe certification. Domenic made this not only easy with multiple dates and locations to accommodate my schedule, his course was very beneficial and informative. Domenic is a great instructor and covered the material in a fashion that was easy to understand and retain. I would recommend Canadian Food Safety Group to anyone who needs or requires certification for food safety.”

“I took the 1 day Food Safe Certification with Domenic last fall and was very happy with the presentation and effectiveness of the course. To present that much information in a succinct manner that still allows for learning and retention is a skill. I found Domenic to be both professional and engaging in his methods. I would not hesitate to recommend or even seek him out as an instructor for any future staff needing to take the course. Should you need to use this as a formal recommendation, I have no issue with it being given out or published. If you require anything further from me, please contact me at the information below.”
“We hired the Canadian Food Safety Group to come into our restaurant and train all staff members in the food safety program. Domenic and his team were very thorough in their instructions, able to provide a translator for our ESL staff members and it was very convenient to have it on-site rather than to have to send staff individually. We have been commended by health inspectors for having had all members of our team trained in the food safety course and would recommend doing so to any other restaurant.”
“Food Safety has become an important issue and there are many opportunities for food to be contaminated between production and consumption. If you deal with food in any capacity, it’s your responsibility for making sure the food is safe to eat. For this reason, I attended the 1-day Food Safe Certification Course to refresh myself on the current code of practice. I found the course to be informative and relevant. The presenters were well informed on the topic and were able to explain the topics clearly to all who attended the session.”
“Domenic Pedulla
We are very pleased to recommend your services in providing the Food Safety Certification Course in Food Sanitation & Hygiene. Your attention to detail and assistance with our Employees who in some cases have limited English has been extremely helpful and has allowed us to improve the Food Safe standards that we have established in our restaurant. We will continue to use your services and hope to send another Employee as soon as we receive your new schedule.”
“After the last course I received some great feedback from our staff. Both the “first timers” and chefs who have already done the course all took a lot of great information away from the course. For the most part, I have difficulties keeping the younger cooks interested in classroom work, especially an all day course but this was not the case with your food safety course. It was a HUGE eye opener for these young cooks and apprentices, definitely making them more aware of the not only the importance of food safety and sanitation, but also the serious dangers that can arise from poor food handling. Since that last course I have seen a huge improvement in the BOH operations in all of our kitchens resulting in some great health inspections recently. To my surprise (and great pleasure) this has also made our FOH team more aware of food safety and as a result I have several FOH managers and GMS that are eager to enroll in this upcoming course! I think we are all realizing that we have both a professional and moral obligation to operate all of our venues to the highest possible standard, consistently providing our patrons with the best quality and safest product every time they visit our establishments.
Thank you again and I look forward to this upcoming course at Flames Central.”