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Believing in the importance of food safety and food safety certification, Canadian Food Safety strives to educate and certify as many entrants into the food service industry as possible. We are proud to offer Canada’s highest value food safety certification courses to private and public-school boards at an affordable rate.

By partnering with private and public schools, our team hopes to offer high school students a better chance of employment as food service workers and a better understanding of food safety. Through topics such as safe food handling, personal hygiene, and cross-contamination, participants gain effective food safety education and leave their food safety program with a certificate.

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As a culinary instructor and as a chef, I understand the need for quality food safety and sanitation training, and the SafeCheck program is one of the best that I have encountered. I had previously been using a competing program but switched to the SafeCheck as I believe that it is a much better program for my students. The food safety resources are more engaging for the students, with current and relevant videos included that help to clarify the issues for the students by offering examples of real events. As an instructor, I like the online exam option that instantly provides me with the results of the final exam, and the students like being able to print their certificates once complete. For the students, the fee is much more affordable while not having to sacrifice the quality of the education that they are receiving. I would certainly recommend SafeCheck food safety training to other culinary programs and food service establishments.
Darcy, Foods Instructor, CSSD, CSSD
I have been using the Canadian Food Safety Group for the past nine years as a supplement to my Food Safety and Sanitation Module in my Culinary Arts Class. Each semester, we are fortunate enough to work through the Canadian Food Safety Group’s “Safecheck” Frontline Food Safety Basics Program, and this has greatly benefitted my students in and out of our kitchen here at the school. Every single interaction with Domenic, Salvatore and their staff has been positive and widely educational for both me and my students. I would recommend this online-based program to any Foods Teacher as an instructional tool to reinforce the importance of proper food handling in a professional facility.
Sharir A., Sharir A., Calgary Area High School Teacher-Chef

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