Canada’s Best Food Safety Services

At Canadian Food Safety, we take pride in being Canada’s best food safety service provider.

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Food Safety and Quality Programs

We will work with you to meet your food quality and safety needs with cost-effective solutions in mind.

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Brand Image Matters

Improve your bottom line, build a strong brand, and mitigate food safety risks with our brand protection programs.

Why Choose Canadian Food Safety Services?

At Canadian Food Safety, we’re proud to offer the country’s best food safety certification courses and food safety consulting services. We partner with SafeCheck® Brand Protection to provide food safety solutions for all food industry sectors across Canada.

Food Safety Experts

We offer food safety program training, certification, development, and consulting services to the food processing, packaging, service, retail, and distribution sectors. Additionally, we have established ourselves as industry leaders with customized solutions and hands-on support for our clients.

Custom Program Development

To maximize the benefits of our services to your operations, we create customized solutions geared toward your specific products and processes.

Quality Food Safety Training

Our food safety professionals can provide quality hands-on services, including HACCP plan development, auditing, government approvals, plant design, quality program development, and on-site food safety training at your facility.

The Importance of Food Safety Services

The food industry is subject to several strict regulations and standards to ensure compliance with the appropriate prepping, handling, and serving of food. Following food safety best practices not only creates trust with customers but also creates more dedicated employees. At Canadian Food Safety, our food safety consultancy services and courses ensure your food handlers are equipped with food safety best practices to protect your customers from potential risk and food borne illness.

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Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Our SafeCheck® food safety certification is approved across Canada and has been established as a leader by many prominent manufacturing, grocery, educational, and food service establishments.

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Protect Your Food Service Establishment

Canadian Food Safety and SafeCheck® training courses and food safety and quality solutions provide food service personnel with the skills and knowledge they need to maintain food safety and prevent foodborne illness, contamination, and food poisoning in the workplace.

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Give Customers Peace of Mind

Customers deserve the peace of mind of knowing their food is safely prepared, handled, and served. With our training and certification, your customers are guaranteed quality assurance of safe food.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring food safety is crucial for protecting your customers from foodborne illnesses. By adhering to industry-leading practices of safe food handling and doing your due diligence, you can effectively protect your customers from health risks and hazards linked to contamination while preserving your establishment’s reputation.

Given that food is easily contaminated and highly perishable, food service professionals must possess a comprehensive understanding of safe food handling practices. By doing so, they do their due diligence in safely storing food, preparing food, and serving food, in an attempt to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses and outbreaks.

All levels of government, including municipal, provincial, and federal, have a shared responsibility for enforcing food safety legislation in the retail and food sectors. The three primary organizations for ensuring food safety in Canada are The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, The Public Health Agency of Canada, and Health Canada.