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Prepare for the final food safety practice exam with this free food handlers practice test. After completing the practice exam, register for our food handler course and become food safety certified!

Canadian Food Handler Certification Practice Exam

A practice exam representative of the types of questions that you may see as part of the SafeCheck Advanced Canadian Food Handler Course.

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Which of the following is the most effective method for killing harmful bacteria in food?

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What is the danger zone for food temperatures where bacteria multiply rapidly?

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Cross-contamination can occur when:

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What is the best way to thaw frozen food safely?

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Which of the following are common symptoms of foodborne illness?

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What should you do if you suspect a food item is contaminated or spoiled?

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When should you wash your hands while working with food?

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Why is it essential to label and date food containers before storing them in the refrigerator?

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Food contact surfaces should be sanitized using a solution of:

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Which foodborne illness is commonly associated with undercooked poultry and eggs?

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How should you store raw seafood to prevent cross-contamination in the refrigerator?

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Which type of microorganisms can survive and even grow in the absence of oxygen?

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When reheating leftovers, what is the minimum internal temperature they should reach?

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What bacteria is often associated with ground beef?

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The Food Safety regulations that apply to restaurants are most often from this level of government:

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Unlimited Exam Attempts

Participants can feel confident knowing they can take the final exam as many times as needed, free of charge. Our unlimited exam attempts ensure all food service workers successfully complete the course and gain food handler certification.

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Our online course offers around-the-clock access, perfect for those with a busy schedule. All SafeCheck® courses can be completed on a mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Approved Across Canada

The SafeCheck® food safety certification meets the requirements of health units in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 15 questions in the food handling practice test.

There are a variety of questions on the exam that test your knowledge of food safety information, such as:

  • Important food safety concepts

  • How to handle food allergies

  • How to mitigate foodborne illness and food poisoning

  • How to properly store, prep, and serve food

  • How to handle raw food and its proper food storage

  • The signs of potentially hazardous food and more

Once you have completed the food handler safety course and achieved a high score on the practice exam, you should be ready to pass the food safety test. The passing grade of our food handler exam is 70%; however, we offer unlimited exam attempts should you need to retake the test.

The food safety test shouldn’t be challenging if you have completed the food handler course and passed the practice test.

Most food service businesses across Canada will employ certified food handlers over those without food safety certifications. Some provinces do require some form of food safety certification for employment. Check out our provincial health department approvals and training requirements page for more information.