Who should take the SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety Certification2018-09-01T05:11:50-06:00

Anyone who prepares, handles, serves, or manufactures food.
This course is not only for people working within the food services industry, but anyone who handles food: EVERYONE. Food safety is imperative in handling all food, this course will provide individuals with safe practices and procedures that are relevant not only in the food services industry, but within the home.

How do I register?2018-09-01T05:12:07-06:00
How long do I have to complete the online course?2018-08-25T05:16:01-06:00

You will have 30 days from enrollment to complete the certification program.

Will I receive the same certification and the same knowledge if I take the course online versus in the classroom?2018-08-25T05:17:00-06:00

Both the online and certification courses will provide the same certification and information.

What is the difference between the SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety Certification and the SafeCheck® Frontline?2018-09-01T04:52:20-06:00

The SafeCheck® Frontline is an entry level Food Safety Course. The seminar provides basic information on food handling. This is not a certification course. The SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety Certification is a recognized food safety certification Canada Wide.

Do you offer a discounted rate for large groups?2018-08-25T05:23:26-06:00

Group and bulk purchase rates are available. Please contact us for further details [email protected]

How can I save money on this course?2018-08-25T05:24:24-06:00

If you register for the classroom seminar 30 days prior to the seminar you will receive a $10 discount.

Online certification has varying discounts throughout the year. Please check the homepage for current discounts.

Do you have to be a certain age to attend this course?2018-07-09T12:04:20-06:00

Yes, 12 years or older.

Is the SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety Certification recognized by the government?2018-08-25T05:25:11-06:00

Our online and in class certification seminars are recognized Canada wide.

Is there GST ontop of the prices?2018-07-09T12:03:43-06:00

There is no GST on top of the prices of the training seminars because they are educational.
All other services are subject to GST.

How can I pay for the training courses?2018-07-09T11:59:54-06:00

VISA, Mastercard, Paypal – when registering online, Cheque, Money Order, Exact Cash
To avoid additional charges payment must be made BEFORE the course date.

When will I receive my certificate?2018-08-25T05:26:15-06:00

Online – you will receive your certificate immediately after exam completion via email.

Classroom – you will receive your email copy within 2 weeks of exam completion. Your hard copy will be sent 3 weeks after your exam via Canada post.

What if I need my results sooner?2018-07-09T12:01:09-06:00

2 business day “Confirmation Letter” Confirmation letter includes: participant’s name and address course date exam number grade achieved Confirmation letter will be sent via email within 2 business days after the seminar date Service fee applies.

What if I fail the exam?2018-08-25T05:27:30-06:00

Classroom – you will be notified via email and you will need to retake the course.

Online – you will have the opportunity to retake the exam.

More questions?2018-09-01T05:14:44-06:00

Email us at [email protected]

Call us toll free at (866) 258-0643

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