The foodservice and processing industry is subject to various food safety training requirements that vary according to different parts of the country. Food safety is a prime concern as any neglect can result in serious consequences, such as foodborne illnesses, poor quality food, and health code violations.

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Food safety certification is recommended for all areas of food service, including food preparation, cooking, storing and serving. There are courses available to train staff on proper food handling.

Find out how ensuring food safety certification for all your workers can help your business in the food industry:

Protect Your Customers from Health Risks

According to Health Canada, each year, 4 million Canadians contract foodborne illnesses, and over 11,000 people end up being hospitalized due to serious illnesses. Providing adequate training to the employees who handle food can protect your customers and prevent incidents of foodborne illness, allergic reactions, and other health risks that are caused by consuming contaminated food.

Protect Your Business from Legal Consequences

Making sure all the employees have proper food safety certification training will ensure your establishment adheres to the health code regulations and reduce the risk of any violations that might result in penalties. Having proper food safety certification can also help mitigate legal consequences related to foodborne illnesses. Having certified employees is also important for passing health inspections.

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Protect Your Brand Reputation

You can recover from almost any issue in your foodservice business, such as financial problems, lack of customers, marketing errors, etc. However, recovering from a food safety & quality issue is much more difficult. Most restaurants or cafes end up closing their doors after a major foodborne illness scandal. Proper food safety training will reduce the risk of poor-quality food and bad practices that might cause illnesses or other issues for your clients. You will also be able to increase customer trust in your brand and enjoy a better public image as a quality business.

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