About SafeCheck®

SafeCheck® Brand Protection Ltd.is a leader in the Canadian food safety industry.
Since 2000, SafeCheck® Brand Protection Ltd.in cooperation with Canadian Food Safety Group, has been working with Canadian companies to achieve their food safety goals.
By providing a variety of services, SafeCheck® Brand Protection Ltd. has helped to build stronger brands surrounding our clients’ operations and food safety.


Consulting, auditing and education are the main focuses of SafeCheck® Brand Protection Ltd.
Our locally owned and operated company is committed to putting the customer first, with the ability to customize services to meet the needs of our clients.
We are dedicated to providing affordable service while maintaining the highest standard of service and integrity.

Our Mission

Our team strives to provide the highest level of service in all things food safety. We believe safe food should be a top priority for food service provides, and we are here to help companies ensure that it is.