How Does Caffeine Metabolism Work?

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Are you one of the billion coffee drinkers in the world? Or do you prefer a hot cup of tea to start your day? Can't get through a workday without your favourite energy drink or a can of soda? It's safe to say that most adults find themselves relying on some form of caffeine or [...]

What Causes Food Items to Be Mislabeled?

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Mislabeling food could be the result of various causes. Sometimes, it’s intentional and deliberate, other times, it's accidental or simply the result of ignorance. Whatever the reason, it can be detrimental to your business and could lead to a recall, and thus losses, damage to the brand’s public image, and more. It’s important to understand [...]

Food Allergens: What You Need to Know

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Like other allergies, food allergies range from being minor annoyances to life-threatening situations that warrant a visit to the ER. Allergies refer to an adverse reaction to certain triggers entering your body. Once the immune system senses the presence of the material, it produces an antibody to respond. This manifests in the form of an [...]

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